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Puffins - Reception Class 

Welcome to the Puffin class web-page!

Week beginning Monday 30th March 2020

First of all we hope your first week of home schooling has gone well!

This week we will continue to focus on rhyme with a focus on 'un' and 'an' words. Encourage your child to make up rhyming strings for each rhyme e.g. bun, sun, fun (they can use made up words too). If you are one of the parents using the seesaw app with me please feel free to take a video and upload your child saying their rhymes. I am trialling an app to communicate with parents so if you would like to join in with this please email me on the address given to you on the parent letter.

For maths please see below for ideas for this week;

  • Create patterns with toys or objects: lego block, teddy, pencil, lego block, teddy, etc. Can your child complete the pattern, make their own patterns? Can they describe the pattern? Talk about shapes and colours.
  • Discuss the names of the common 2D shapes and their properties (number of sides, whether sides are straight or curved, whether sides are long or short, number of corners/vertices). Describe a shape in terms of its properties and see if your child can select the correct shape (put out 3 shapes to make it easier).

Please also visit White Rose Maths on the link below https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/early-years/ We use White Rose maths in school and the interactive lessons on here are fantastic.

Sounds of the week - Please keep practising all the phase 2 and 3 sounds (Espresso is great for this). Please revise all of the '2 o'clock' letters this week for letter formation - c,a,d,o,g,q

Tricky words - mum, as, get, his. We are revising our tricky words with a focus on spelling them. 

For our PE Home challenge please click here

Mrs Rowntree and Mrs Mackinder


To visit our Computing page where you will find a list of useful maths and english websites and apps please click here.

Please click here for a copy of the 'Pupil's Computing Code of Conduct'.

Speech Bubbles

Please download a speech bubble here and let us know how you are getting on learning at home by emailing it to Mrs Rowntree at the email address on the letter that was emailed to you.


Assessment ladders

Please click here to see our Assessment Ladders and the things your child is expected to do by the end of Reception.


Please click here to access the school closure Reception letter to parents with home schooling ideas


Exciting news! We now have the online PE activity platform up and running. It is called Jasmine , just click on the link to join in the fun!